With Tshikululu, you grew opportunity for thousands

Many thousands of people across our country expanded their horizons of opportunity during 2011, and they did this with the combined effort, generosity and assistance of Tshikululu Social Investments’ clients, staff and partners. We thank you.

It's been a solid year of growth in which Tshikululu was gratified to expand her income base; reach more beneficiaries; increase grantmaking; build new knowledge-sharing platforms, and strengthen her position as the country's leading social investor.

The results of your choices and actions are real, practical, and have strongly beneficial meaning to many people in ways that will be inter-generational.

We thank you deeply for all of this.

Our special 'message in the sand' reminds you of what this means. Allow yourself a restful Season of Goodwill in preparation for a rewarding year ahead.