Development Intelligence Series: Part 1

Knowledge sharing forms an integral part of who we are and the difference we want to make in the developmental sector. Through initiatives such as the Development Intelligence Series, Tshikululu strives to be a conduit to conversations between industry experts, practitioners, academics, the private sector, and government.

According to Ann Bernstein, the ongoing conversation about business and society is dominated by the perspectives and interests of activists who live in rich countries. Most of these protagonists do not grasp the realities of poverty and the hard choices of development outside the rich industrialised world. As a result the debate about business, "responsibility" and corporate involvement in development is distorted, with few voices from developing countries being heard.

Speaking at a GIBS-Tshikululu Social Investments Development Intelligence Series breakfast, Bernstein urged business to find the confidence and strategic vision to stop apologising, develop its own public agenda and start propagating the phenomenal benefits of competitive capitalism for the less developed countries of the world.

This is Part One of a discussion between Bernstein and Bruce Whitfield detailing her views on the subject.