Trust advisory services, compliance and governance

Tshikululu has experienced in-house legal and financial teams with extensive knowledge of trust formation, registration, and compliance. We work closely with clients to define the purposes and objectives of their social investments, and depending on need may be involved in drafting trust deeds, consulting on the identity of independent and expert trustees, and managing the strictures of the trust's registration.

Services include:

  • Trust formation – drafting deeds; obtaining donor, trustee and beneficiary information; establishing the trust's mandate; lodging documentation, and handling resultant queries

  • Trust registration – ensuring registration with SARS and the Department of Social Development and opening bank accounts in accordance with the relevant legislation

  • Assistance with tax exemption application and status

  • Assistance with registration with the Department of Social Development

  • Setting up charts of account

  • Preparing quarterly trustee packs

  • Management of accounts

  • Making payments related to trust administration

  • Auditing of financial statements by Tshikululu auditors

  • Financial management

  • Forecasting and budgetary monitoring

Funds are held in individual trusts with separate bank accounts. Financial controls are administered in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).