Administration, financial and programme management

Tshikululu offers an integrated, comprehensive grant management service from inception and strategy to full implementation and administration. These services include:

  • Administration and financial management of grants – negotiating grant contracts, disbursing funds, and conducting trustee and grant authorisation meetings

  • Strategy development – defining programme objective and parameters,  assessing community needs and assets, and identifying potential beneficiary organisations

  • Developing effective monitoring and evaluation frameworks in order to accurately measure the impact of grantors’ projects.

We also provide comprehensive administrative and financial management services. Typically, we house our managed assets and facilitate payment directly to beneficiary organisations. Trust accounts and finances are audited annually and controls are administered in accordance with IFRS.

Administrative and financial services include:

  • Banking

  • Planning and managing cash flow and disbursements

  • Processing payments

  • Preparation and submission of tax filings

  • Management oversight of trust accounts

  • Management of risk, compliance and assurance processes

  • Management of interactions with the Master of the High Court

  • Financial record-keeping

  • Fund governance

  • Preparation of annual financial statements

  • Presentation of current financial situation for trustee meetings

  • Administration of at least two trustee meetings per annum

  • Preparation of trustees' minutes and resolutions