South Africa’s biodiversity provides an important platform for economic growth and development through the provision of natural resources and vital ecosystem services. These resources underpin the livelihoods of the majority of South Africans and contribute significantly to the country’s economy.

Sadly, the country’s biodiversity is increasingly threatened by human activities, which impacts the resource base upon which we depend.

Projects in this sector work towards the integration of economic development, social justice and environmental sustainability, empowering communities to manage their natural resources, encouraging public participation in environmental governance and supporting conservation and biodiversity initiatives.

De Beers supports environment projects primarily in communities surrounding its operations: Siyanda, Ga-Segonyana, Taung, Frances Baard, Letsemeng, Nama Khoi, Kamiesberg and Richtersveld (Northern Cape), and Musina and Blouberg (Limpopo).

The RMB Environment Programme focuses on conservation of vulnerable indicator species, the protection of biodiversity, environmental education and skills training, addressing climate change, research and transformation of the sector.