It is widely acknowledged in education circles that there is a crisis in maths and science in South Africa, with learning outcomes falling way below international standards. As a result, young people
entering the workforce lack competence in mathematical reasoning, which constrains economic growth.

In this sector the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund has identified three primary objectives:

  • Quality schooling, with a focus on development of primary school teachers

  • Management at school and district level

  • Leadership at school and district level.

The fund is interested in projects that address:

  • Challenges in maths, science and language and/or numeracy and literacy

  • Quality education for learners with special educational needs

  • Improving infrastructure, specifically the upgrading of rural schools.

De Beers supports education projects primarily in communities surrounding its operations: Siyanda, Ga-Segonyana, Taung, Frances Baard, Letsemeng, Nama Khoi, Kamiesberg and Richtersveld (Northern Cape), and Musina and Blouberg (Limpopo).

The overarching objective of the RMB Maths Leadership and Development Programme is to provide learners with access to quality teaching in secondary schools and universities with a focus on the current crisis in maths and science.

This is done by:

  • Improving the teaching quality of in-service mathematics teachers at secondary schools

  • Improving mathematics results (pass rates and pass quality) in secondary schools as a result of quality teaching and learning

  • Researching sustainable and practical solutions to the mathematics crisis

  • Providing leadership in mathematics education and promoting dialogue to find solutions to the mathematics education crisis.

The three specific focus areas are universities, quality outreach programmes and centres of excellence.