Early childhood development

Early childhood care and development is often wrongly assumed to refer to an academically oriented preschool programme, when in fact it pertains to early childhood education (ECE).

Early-childhood development (ECD) includes a range of services that promote care, socialisation and education in the home or community to enhance a young child’s total development. ECD programmes may take place at schools, in family homes or churches, via mass media or at informal gatherings.

The support for this sector offered by the Anglo American Chairman’s Fund aims to improve the quality of ECD and empower women who are ECD practitioners, by providing enriched training and strengthening their links with government and society.

De Beers supports ECD projects primarily in communities surrounding its operations: Siyanda, Ga-Segonyana, Taung, Frances Baard, Letsemeng, Nama Khoi, Kamiesberg and Richtersveld (Northern Cape), and Musina and Blouberg (Limpopo).

The FNB Fund ECD Programme invests in training and resources for educators and practitioners, site-specific ECD, capacity building and mentorship for emerging organisations, funding for high-risk organisations and knowledge sharing.