Arts, culture and heritage

An appreciation of our shared yet different heritage through the medium of arts and culture helps to promote social dialogue and greater social cohesion in South Africa.

Projects in this sector focus on promoting the performing arts, supporting skills development and transfer, developing youth through the arts and increasing economic opportunities for communities.

De Beers supports arts projects primarily in communities surrounding its operations: Siyanda, Ga-Segonyana, Taung, Frances Baard, Letsemeng, Nama Khoi, Kamiesberg and Richtersveld (Northern Cape), and Musina and Blouberg (Limpopo).

RMB’s arts, culture and heritage programme focuses specifically on access to, and the quality of, music, dance, cultural expression and the preservation of our heritage. The programme supports indigenous expressions of art and culture, while exploring the potential of new, inclusive and diverse art forms.