Thought leadership – Health

South Africa’s tenuous food security situation

  • 05 March 2015 | Nonkululeko Sikakane | Opinion | Category: Health

Food security is a complex issue in South Africa, and one rarely given the recognition and attention that it so desperately needs and deserves.

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Two ways corporate South Africa can change the face of healthcare

  • 08 January 2015 | Judith Matthis | Opinion | Category: Health

As debates rage about whether healthcare professionals should receive their training in private medical schools, and about the politics of co-ordinating national health insurance, the spotlight is once again on South Africa’s healthcare system – and how it can be improved.

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“Disruptive innovation” in health

  • 25 November 2014 | Judith Matthis | Opinion | Category: Health

The Anglo American Chairman’s Fund has traditionally viewed healthcare strengthening as a major contribution made by NGOs to the healthcare sector in South Africa.

Within this pool of NGOs, there are some remarkable organisations acting as change catalysts or market disruptors in healthcare.

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