Thought leadership – Corporate Interests

Bringing 16 years of experience into 2015

Introspection and retrospection are often the best starting points when creating a sound plan for the future, and the soil of reflection can often be fertile ground from which new ideas and improved outlooks may spring.

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Business schools need to promote CSR beyond legal and profit motives

When provided with an opportunity to work in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) sector, one is forced to reflect on the perceptions created and experience gained around CSR.

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The case for giving

This paper was supposed to be about reporting. I was supposed to tell you about what constitutes an effective report, and how both donors and their NGO partners can use good reports to help maximise the impact of their work.

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Counting the benefit; making sure the benefits count

Since 2009, the development sector has made a notable shift in the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) practices of corporate social investment (CSI) programmes.

Trialogue reported in their 2012 CSI Handbook that the monitoring of programmes has improved, from the simple tracking of expenditure to tracking outputs and outcomes indicators and conducting site visits to funded projects.

While the attention on more and more accountability for the results of social investments increases, we are yet to see significant strides in the evaluation component of M&E.

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