Rand Merchant Bank Fund

As one of South Africa’s leading investment banks, Rand Merchant Bank continually strives to be a good corporate citizen and to secure a sustainable future for all its stakeholders.

The RMB Fund, a member of the FirstRand Foundation (FRF), is Rand Merchant Bank’s corporate social investment vehicle, contributing 1% of net profit after tax, towards selected projects within two focused development sectors.

In the pursuit of doing good business and good work, the RMB Fund enjoys executive level representation and participation.

Creative Arts Programme

Funding guidelines

Over the next three years (2014–2017), the Creative Arts Programme will support the promotion of quality arts in education to enable more young South Africans, regardless of physical or socio-economic disadvantages, access to the learning opportunities offered through the creative arts, and will also facilitate the promotion of excellence in the disciplines of music, dance, drama, visual art and heritage to enable young South African artists to participate effectively in the creative economy.

Application and reporting deadlines

The Creative Arts Programme is closed for applications for its next three-year grant cycle.

Environment Programme

Funding guidelines

The Environment Programme provides funding to high-quality partner organisations that are focused on the rehabilitation and restoration of ecosystems, as well as environmental education. Projects must correspond with the Department of Environment and Tourism’s strategic plan for the sector.

Application and reporting deadlines

The Environment Programme is closed to applications for its next three-year grant cycle.