Discovery Fund

In line with Discovery’s core purpose, which is to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives, the vision of the Discovery Fund is to improve individuals’ quality of life through the provision of primary health care services in indigent communities that do not have access to mainstream health care.

Application and reporting deadlines

Applications for funding are currently open to Maternal and Child Health programme partners and the application form and reporting form are available for download below.

The deadline for submissions is 18 September 2016.

Unfortunately this round of applications is only open to current Discovery Fund partners.

Please note:

  • If you are a current partner of the Discovery Fund and would like to reapply for funding, please ensure that you have sent a report through (the link to the reporting form can be found below) before you re-apply, or at the same time as making a new application
  • If you are submitting an application form and/or a reporting form, please note that these are not considered complete unless submitted together with the completed monitoring and evaluation indicators tables, which can be obtained via email to

Funding guidelines

The following activities will be considered for support by the Discovery Fund:

  • Maternal and child healthcare

  • Immunisation against major infectious diseases

  • Prevention and control of locally endemic diseases

  • Appropriate treatment of common diseases and injuries

  • Provision of essential drugs

  • Promotion of food supply and proper nutrition

  • Education concerning prevailing health problems and the methods of preventing and controlling them

  • Training focusing on health disciplines

NB: please note that we also require your banking details on your organisation’s letterhead, signed by two senior members of your organisation.

Click to download the Discovery Fund M&E template for application forms

Click to download the Discovery Fund full application form 2016

Click to download the Discovery Fund M&E template for reporting forms

Click to download the Discovery Fund reporting form 2016