South Africa’s development needs are many and varied, cutting across a range of communities, and influenced by historical, social and economic factors.

To address the often complex challenges in our field in a meaningful way, Tshikululu has adopted an approach to our business that is centred on our three sector teams.

These operate in the sectors of education, health and HIV/Aids and social development.

Our corporate social investment, or CSI, specialists have extensive developmental experience in their relevant areas & use their understanding of local realities to look for real value in each grant we manage.

Capacity building

Tshikululu is strongly supportive of programmes aimed at strengthening organisations.

Across all its developmental sectors funding is made available for NPO organisation, salaries and administrative costs, as well as specific training and mentoring programmes targeted at strengthening NGOs and community based organisations.

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Arts, culture and heritage

Investment in the country’s arts, culture and heritage promotes an understanding of our past and expectation of a better future.

Through Tshikululu’s clients emphasis is placed on supporting art forms that develop young students of the performing arts.

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Capital projects

Although many companies remain wary of infrastructure projects due to concerns about cost, design and management complexity, long-term maintenance and community resistance, Tshikululu negotiates this terrain with the confidence born of 13 years in the field.

CSI engineering, building design and management, teamed with our 36-year-old inherited capital projects function, positions us perfectly to manage capital projects.

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Agricultural livelihoods

In a country where more than a third of adults are jobless, helping the unemployed to grow their own food is a critical contribution to the economy.

By means of training programmes and the provision of materials, Tshikululu’s partner NPOs have enabled subsistence farmers to move on to commercial success within a few years.

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Social development

The Tshikululu team is instrumental in addressing a range of social needs in South Africa.

In addition to recognising and helping community champions bring about change in the lives of their beneficiaries, our social development team manages projects in multiple social sectors.

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The environment

Tshikululu’s approach to environmental sustainability hinges on an understanding of the interdependence of nature and the consequent need for efficient, harmless use of our natural resources.

Tshikululu’s clients assist in the protection and propagation of indicator and endangered species, protection of biodiversity, water and nature conservation, environmental education and animal welfare.

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South Africa’s public health system continues to face many challenges, including TB, HIV/AIDS, poor maternal health, adequate immunisation coverage, shortage of resources and infrastructure backlogs.

In an effort to strengthen the country’s public healthcare system, funding is provided to meet the most urgent needs.

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Bursary management

Investing in human potential lies at the heart of our bursary scheme.

Whether used to boost skills sets or provide access to further education for those who show academic potential but lack the means, bursaries have effected profound change in the lives of recipients.

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Tshikululu offers a wide range of educational funding with a strong focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning in the maths, science and language spheres.

Funding ranges from support for early childhood development programmes to primary school teacher support, numeracy and literacy programmes, and school leadership and management initiatives.

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Skills development and job creation

Our skills development programmes focus on skills training backed by good job placement rates.

We also support small business incubation and enterprise development.

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