Our clients

Each fund that Tshikululu manages is done so in our client’s name.

This builds the client’s individual corporate identity in an informed and strategic way, with a professional business approach to the challenges of social development.

We work alongside our clients, identifying emerging social investment opportunities and helping them plan their social investment strategy from the conception.

By developing appropriate programmes, directing grants to organisations that truly make a difference, and establishing sound monitoring and evaluation procedures, our clients can be confident that their contribution will go a long way.

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Anglo American

Anglo American is one of the world’s largest mining companies, is headquartered in the UK and listed on the London and Johannesburg stock exchanges.

The Anglo American Group is committed to creating sustainable value that makes a real difference to their investors, their partners and their employees, while upholding the highest standards of safety and responsibility across all their businesses and geographies.

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The Anglo American Chairman's Fund

The Anglo American's Chairman's Fund is one of the dedicated instruments through which Anglo American channels its corporate social investment (CSI) spend, and was named the top CSI grant-maker in South Africa for eight consecutive years.

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FirstRand’s portfolio of leading franchises provides banking and insurance products and services to retail, commercial, corporate and public sector customers in South Africa and several African countries.

The Group executes its strategy through its portfolio of operating franchises: First National Bank, Rand Merchant Bank and WesBank.

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FirstRand Foundation

Established in 1998, the FirstRand Foundation is the legal vehicle through which FirstRand Ltd. and its major brands (First National Bank, Rand Merchant Bank, and WesBank) direct their individual and collective corporate social investment (CSI).

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ApexHi Charitable Trust

The ApexHi Charitable Trust invests money gained from an established endowment fund into reputable projects and non-profit organisations in the fields of early childhood development, school leadership and teacher development, and community strengthening. 

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De Beers

De Beers and the various companies within the De Beers Family of Companies engage in exploration for diamonds, diamond mining, diamond trading and industrial diamond manufacture.

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De Beers Fund

The De Beers Fund has made a strategic decision to initiate and support development projects and programmes in its areas of mining operation. While the Fund is proud of this, it continues to recognise the importance of other best practice projects and national initiatives. 

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1st for Women

1st for Women has been looking after the interests of women since 2003 and was the first insurance brokerage to offer insurance products specifically tailored to meet the short-term insurance needs of South African women.

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1st for Women Foundation

To date, the 1st for Women Foundation has donated over R30 million to women-related causes and charity organisations. The trust has two focus areas: cervical cancer and gender-based violence.

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Discovery was established as a small, specialist health insurer two decades ago. Since then it has become a multifaceted, integrated financial services organisation. Through constant innovation and ongoing growth, its founding ideal has remained unchanged – making people healthier, and enhancing and protecting their lives.

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Discovery Foundation

Established in 2006 as one element of Discovery Holdings’ black economic empowerment transaction, the Discovery Foundation is an independent trust that is investing over R100 million in grants towards developing South Africa’s scarce specialist healthcare resources.

Since then, the Discovery Foundation has already committed R50 million in grants supporting almost 100 specialists in training, as well as to eleven high-achieving healthcare institutions in South Africa.

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Discovery Fund

In line with Discovery’s core purpose, which is to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives, the vision of the Discovery Fund is to improve individuals’ quality of life through the provision of primary health care services  in indigent communities and through support of education and training of health professionals from rural and under-served communities.

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Epoch and Optima Trusts

The Epoch and Optima Trusts are independent trusts founded by Anglo American to disburse funds for the furtherance of excellence in maths education. 

Their focus is to strengthen achieving but under-funded secondary schools to produce growing numbers of learners with strong maths passes.

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UTi has embarked on an empowerment transaction that has seen the formation of the UTi Empowerment Trust (UET) holding a 25% stake in UTi South Africa.

Founded in 2004, the benefits of UET are used solely for the education of Black employees and their dependents and nominees.

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